Hello & Welcome!


Welcome to my quiet corner of the internet ❤

I created this blog as a creative outlet to quiet my mind. I also discovered along the way that it is an amazing way to stay accountable for the things I have a habit of promoting, without ever actually integrating into my life. *cough*yoga*cough* Well, that stops now. (okay, it actually stopped a few months ago, but you totally get the idea…right?)

This blog is about living the best possible life we can. It is about gracefully ~and gratefully~ wading through extremely difficult situations such as parenthood, divorce, mental wellness, or huge life changes. It is about celebrating the absolute joy of life, and living as consciously as possible, so we don’t miss a minute of it.

⭐ It is about learning to live with LESS so that we can enjoy what we have MORE. ⭐

Mostly, this blog is just about being your true, authentic self. I will share the things that challenge and inspire me most, in hopes that we can learn and grow together as parents and people.



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